The internet comes with several benefits and possibilities, and thankfully, one of them is the ability to play online games. Hitherto the idea of digital games is only limited to the games that people can download on their mobile phones or desktops as applications and software.

However, this view broadened with the advent of online games, which enables people to play engaging games for hours anywhere, and anytime they want to, without necessarily requesting them to download additional files on their mobile or desktops. Online games come with several perks, including the ability to play high definition games without reducing your storage capacity.

This is because your details, history, and data of the games are stored on an online cloud system. With online games, you get the chance to play with and against players from different parts of the world. The best part is that online games do not require much; all you need is your desktop/mobile device and a stable internet connection. There are different forms of online games, however, and various software powering these games. Here are five of the most common types of online games.

First Person Shooters: First-person shooters or commonly known as FPS games are action games based on a gun or weapon-based game combat. Players view the narrative or experience the action of the game from a protagonist’s point of view. Most of the time, the protagonist or player’s avatar is always a soldier on a mission.  Some of the most popular online fps games include Call of Duty: War Zone, Counterstrike and Quake 4.

Online Sports Games: Sports lovers are not left out when it comes to online games. Several games on the internet will enable you to engage in your favorite sporting activity from the comfort of your house. The games have several levels that will give you an overall enjoyable play. You either play against the computer or other players.

Online Slots Machins: This is one of the most popular games that people play on the internet. You will find this game being offered in an online casino or any site offering related services. Online slots are highly preferred because of their immersive and straightforward gameplay, exciting themes, and amazing graphics and sound. The game comes in several themes and variations, which include 3D, Progressive, Fruit, Classic, Video, and several others.

Some slot titles offer progressive jackpots which winnings could run into a lot of millions. Another perk of online slots is that it is simple to play and requires no in-depth knowledge. All you need to do to play online slots is to bet and spin the reels. Some of the popular slot titles you will find online include Starburst, Mega Moolah, Gonzo’s Quest, and Fluffy Favorites. Top software providers with a track record of exciting slot titles include NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, and others.

Online Board Games: Online board games are a replica of the board games we play live. The main difference is that they are played online and can be played with people from different parts of the world. Sometimes, online board games come with more gameplays and rules that are different from what we know from playing the game in real life. You will find several animated versions of popular traditional and board games online. Some of them include; Chess, Monopoly, Drafts, and Life.

Cross-platform Online Play: This kind of online games are slightly different from other online games in that they are usually released on various game consoles. These consoles come with open source network technologies. They include PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Dreamcast.

There is various technology behind these online games that enables them to operate well and also ensure fairness when playing them. However, it is essential to note that most online games were created using Python or C++ programming, and some HD games require the use of hardware like high-end CPUs, graphic cards, and spacious storage drives to run nicely.

Other software includes;

Random Number Generator (RNGs). RNG is mainly used in online casino games to create a random sequence of numbers with no preexisting set pattern. It is this software that determines and decides the result you get when you play most standard online casino games.

Big Data  Online games are backed by huge data hosting that enables players to play simultaneously from anywhere in the world.