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A Drawing AI, “Drawing Varygood-Boy”, Which Has Over 2 Million Users in Japan, Will Release Its Image Generation API “Inspinity” and Offer It at the World’s Lowest Price Level in Early November.

SAIKAI, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SAIKAI CREATIVE COMPANY (Head office: Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan; President: Takafumi Miyasato) announces that it will open its API “Inspinity” for its AI-based image generation LINE application “Drawing Varygood-Boy” (hereinafter referred to as “This Application”) to the public from the beginning of November.

Leading up to the release

This application was released at the end of August 2022 and has generated 30 million images in approximately one month. Everyone can easily experience AI through a communication tool(LINE), which was highly appreciated, and currently this application has more than 2 million users. By releasing our API, we hope to contribute to the healthy development of the industry with drawing AI, which has even greater potential.


Our purpose is to achieve a healthy development of the industry through the use of drawing AI.


This application targets both individuals and enterprises.

Strengths of our API

Fast: We operate the service with the fastest processing speed with 2 million users, the highest level in the industry.

Low-priced: We offer the world’s lowest prices, starting at $0.3 per piece. Small-scale offerings for personal use purposes will also be supported.

Available languages: It supports both English and Japanese.

Accomplishment: It has surpassed 2 million users and processed 30 million images in approximately one month after its release.


World’s highest speed at World’s lowest price!!

Price: $0.3 per piece (the world’s lowest price) *$3,000 per million pieces

Speed: We offer the industry’s fastest level.

Waiting list

We’re excited to begin offering models through our API “Inspinity”. We will contact you when we are ready in early November. Please fill out this form to join the waitlist.



Saikai Creative Company Inc.

Mio Hoshino

TEL: +8150-5213-7816

Mail: support@varygoodkun.net