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Eversheds Sutherland

NEW: The Investment Agreement Guide

At UKTN, we are delighted to announce our latest guide: The Investment Agreement Guide.

The guide, produced by our partner Eversheds Sutherland – a global legal practice – explores everything you need to know about raising investment.

Raising from investors relies on a lot of commercial, legal, financial and personal factors that can make for difficult (and expensive) drafting for lawyers.

Our Investment Agreement Guide, which is FREE to download, houses all the information you need to know about what needs to be included in a terms sheet.

Whether you’re looking to raise from venture capitalists, angels or the crowd, the guide is an invaluable asset to help you navigate the investment space and to do so efficiently and cost-effectively.

View the guide


  • Show me the money
  • Investors, please form an orderly queue
  • How did you find them?
  • What do they even want from you?
  • They’re giving you how much?!
  • Time to pay your dues
  • The devil’s in the detail
  • Going more rounds than Muhammad Ali
  • Are you ready for this?

View the guide

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