Looking for a job in AI? Check out these UK-based roles

UK AI jobs

Are you searching for jobs in artificial intelligence (AI)? Data scientists, engineers and programmers are in high demand – but not just at the world’s tech giants.

If you’re looking for UK-based jobs in AI, think about casting your net further than just the Amazons and the Googles of the world.

Here are three exciting AI job opportunities in the UK that you should check out now.

Technical engineer – AI – data discovery, OneTrust 

Organisations need a robust data discovery solution to keep up with current and future privacy regulations. They also need integrated regulatory insights and automation to drive their privacy, security, and compliance programs based on that data.

OneTrust DataDiscoveryTM is an AI-powered data discovery and classification solution integrated into the full OneTrust platform.

Powered by the OneTrust AthenaTM AI and robotic automation engine and regulatory insights from OneTrust DataGuidanceTM, the solution helps organisations discover and classify structured and unstructured data across cloud, on-premise and legacy systems and assets to map and visualise data inventories, automatically fulfil privacy rights requests under the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, and demonstrate compliance through built-in reporting and governance.

This customer engineer role is one of the key pieces of the OneTrust architecture. After the sales process, customer engineers are key to implementing the solution, deploying technology and driving adoption. The role specifically covers the Data Discovery product within OneTrust so requires employees to have a strong technical and consultative background and acumen for all things data. This role is extremely important as it’s the bridge between OneTrust and the customer and also internally, being able to identify gaps in the product which might help the business grow. 

The ideal candidate will partner with clients to understand their data architecture and business objectives. They will utilise the OneTrust technology to discover and classify structured and unstructured data across a variety of systems both cloud and on-premise, while implementing the solution working with a variety of different data sources and types in different hosting locations. 

Systems software engineer, Graphcore 

Graphcore’s growth and impact has been little short of staggering. The semiconductor company believes we’re in a unique position as a new wave of machine learning technology begins to emerge. It sees a world where technology enhances human potential and takes the world into a new era of intelligence and progress that everyone can benefit from. What Graphcore can achieve over the next few years will re-shape businesses around the world.

Graphcore has created a completely new processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), specifically designed for AI. The IPU’s unique architecture means developers can run current machine learning models orders of magnitude faster. More importantly, it lets AI researchers undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next great breakthroughs in general machine intelligence. 

This systems software engineer role provides the interface between development platforms containing IPU devices and the host machine. It involves working on the host PCI express driver and low-level userspace libraries to provide device access functionality to the Poplar platform. The runtime also provides access functionality for the production test infrastructure for building IPU products so it requires working with the hardware teams.

Engineering manager, Thought Machine 

Thought Machine is solving one of the biggest problems in banking. Since launching in 2014, its mission has been to liberate banks from outdated, legacy technology which stifles their ability to innovate. Thought Machine’s core product Vault is a cloud native, core banking engine built to run any type of bank – from established tier 1 banks all the way to new challenger banks. To move closer to achieving their mission, the company is looking for highly talented individuals to join their fast-growing team.

With a founding team drawn from Google, it has a deep culture of engineering excellence and believes it is this which delivers a solution compelling enough to engender a seismic shift in the banking industry.

Thought Machine was ranked as the most desirable London fintech to work at by Sifted when comparing employee reviews on Glassdoor and named in Fintech 50 (2020). It prides itself on having an excellent internal culture, where it takes cultural fit as important as technical fit when making new hires.

Engineering managers at Thought Machine lead complex technical projects to deliver on the product roadmap. To accomplish this you will manage a group of talented engineers as they identify issues and implement creative solutions to address them. You will manage your own project deliverables, contribute to product strategy and help develop and grow your team. Thought Machine is particularly excited to hear from people who show strong product ownership and enjoy switching between engineering management and being hands-on with technical work.

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