Content creation platform Prospect 100 picks up £597k pre-seed

Prospect 100 Image credit: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

Online content creation platform Prospect 100 has received $750,000 (£597,000) in pre-seed capital.

Its platform lets businesses outsource the design work of anything. Briefs currently on the site range from sports apparel to the background for an NFT collection.

Sean Wotherspoon, investor of Prospect 100, said: “I think it’s extremely important for platforms like Prospect 100 to exist. There’s so much talent hidden in our world, it’s great seeing people like Prospect 100 giving a platform for them to be noticed.”

A winner of a monogram design brief by the watch company Swatch won the opportunity for a week’s work experience.

The London-based startup’s round was spearheaded by QVentures, with Blackwood, Ferdinand Ahorner, Sean Wotherspoon, Guy Holmes and Adam Perrin also taking part.

“Through Prospect 100’s cutting-edge co-creation platform, organisations like amfAR and Paramount have successfully unveiled new products and brand designs that deeply resonate with their target audiences,” said Harveer Bharaj, principal at QVentures.

Prospect 100 was formed in 2020 by Alexandre Daillance, Adam Flanagan and Harry Beard.

Money from the pre-seed will go towards adding more briefs and organisations onto Prospect 100’s design platform.

“Co-creation is a way for brands to speak with their consumers through the language of design, providing opportunities to really deserving – often underrepresented – talents,” said Beard, CEO of Prospect 100.