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International expansion platform Centuro Global jets off with new funding

Centuro Global
Image credit: Centuro Global

Centuro Global has scoped £3.3m for its software platform that assists companies that are expanding their operations overseas.

Businesses growing over new borders can use its AI tools to aid with immigration, HR, legal compliance, tax and accounting.

“Global expansion is complex, with confusing local laws, complicated taxes and hefty fines for those who fail to play by the rules,” says Zain Ali, founder and CEO of Centuro Global.

“Centuro cuts through the complexity, eradicating the need for expensive consultancy services.”

Newland Chase exited founder Asma Bashir and lawyer Zain Ali created the company in 2018.

Centuro Global says it uses AI to determine which visa and work permits are required for a person based on factors such as how long they will travel and where they will be paid.

According to the firm, it has information on how to move to more than 170 countries.

The £3.3m investment comes from venture capital firm Mercia’s Northern Venture Capital Trusts.

‘Expansion as a service’

Speaking to UKTN, Centuro Global said it is looking to release its “expansion playbooks” tool, where companies can input business requirements to generate a report about the expansion destination.

The immigration platform also plans on launching its “Work From Anywhere Tool” for HR teams to manage remote workers.

Adam Watts, investment manager, Mercia, said: “With the trend to ‘working from anywhere,’ more companies are finding themselves managing distributed teams and having to navigate complex legislation.”

“Centuro’s ‘expansion as a service’ model helps businesses operating overseas to make informed decisions quickly.”

London-based Centuro Global seeks to double its team of 16 before 2024, including management roles.

Mercia this week invested £500,000 into a Newcastle-based cybersecurity startup.

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