Dutch gig economy platform YoungOnes launches in London

YoungOnes London

Dutch freelance jobs platform YoungOnes has launched in the UK, starting with London. The platform connects people with temporary jobs in industries such as logistics, retail, events and hospitality.

YoungOnes is used by businesses such as Ikea, H&M, Decathlon and Papa Johns when they need to fill staff shortages.

YoungOnes said its London launch can help UK businesses amid the Great Resignation and Brexit-related skilled shortages.

People who sign up to work through the app are confirmed by YoungOnes. The company recently partnered with insurance provider Collective Benefits, which means freelancers will be insured against liability and accidents.

Freelancers can decide when, where and the hourly rate they work. It is pitched to employers as a means to hire staff on flexible terms.

Last year, 18,000 freelancers worked over 1.8 million hours via the YoungOnes platform. They are predominantly young students aged between 18 and 25.

“With the UK economy bouncing back following the pandemic and with a lot of people leaving the UK due to Brexit, YoungOnes is offering the young people of the UK a new way of working and help attract them into the jobs that are now underserviced,” said co-founder Pim Graafmans.

YoungOnes was founded in 2017 by Pim Graafmans and Margot Roubos. YoungOnes is a subsidiary of Netherlands temp agency YoungCapital.

In 2022, YoungOnes plans to include training through the platform allowing freelancers to increase their skills leading to a higher probability of assignments and better pay. Alongside this, YoungOnes will let freelancers be paid within one minute for a fee.