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Find your dream tech role before the end of 2022

dream tech role

It’s hard to believe, but 2022 is heading into the fourth and final quarter. Schools are back, the weather is cooler, and we’ve seen a few Christmas decorations sneaking into the shops. But before we dive head first into the winter, it’s time for an autumn career audit.

September is a great month to reset and reevaluate your priorities. What do you want from your role? Are you happy in your position? Is it time to make a move? If you want to start 2023 with an exciting new dream job in tech, the time to act is now.

The UK (and the rest of the world) is heading towards a looming recession. According to the Bank of England, we’ll start to notice a further economic shift towards the end of 2022, and it will continue for the majority of 2023.

It’s a sobering thought, but at the moment the labour market is still relatively unaffected. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the unemployment rate is at 3.8%, close to a half-century low.

The same ONS report stated that the number of job vacancies from March to May 2022 rose to a new record of 1,300,000, an increase of 20,000 from the previous quarter.

We’re in the calm before the storm. So, if you’re thinking about changing roles, the time to act is now. Here are three things that will help you to get a great new role in tech before the year is out.

Prepare to network

When some people hear the term “network”, they start to squirm, but in reality, networking is just about reaching out to your contacts. They could be past colleagues, people you hang out with, or casual acquaintances.

Start by reaching out to one or two people in your wider network to let them know you’re looking for opportunities. If you know someone at the organisation you’d like to work for, even better. Be brave and make the first move.

Sort out your non-negotiables

Sit down with a pen and paper (or a spreadsheet) and write down the most important things to you when searching for your next role in tech. Do you want to work remotely or in-office? Would you consider working weekends? How important is autonomy to you?

Think about your ideal work environment and jot down every single detail. This document will act as a map as you begin your job search. It will also stop you from being distracted by attention-grabbing employee perks. If a job doesn’t meet your criteria, don’t apply.

Set time aside

Life can be pretty busy at this time of year. If you want to be successful in your job search, you need to set some time aside in your calendar. A few hours per week should be enough.

Use this allocated time to take a look at UKTN’s dedicated Job Board, read through job specs, and research companies. Remember, you will need to tailor your cover letter and CV for every role you apply to, and always aim to get your application in well before the closing date.

Be seen

If you want to land your dream tech role before the end of 2022, then you’re going to need to put yourself out there. It’s time to be more active on networking platforms. Share your projects and achievements, and look out for conversations where you can add value.

You should also consider joining a professional membership organisation in your industry. Or, perhaps you could attend a conference or volunteer on a committee. You never know who you might meet, plus you’ll boost your knowledge and skills in the meantime.

 Now that you know how to stand out from the crowd, let’s take a look at some of the jobs that are always in high demand – and there are many more to discover on the UKTN Job Board too.

Cloud engineer

In a nutshell, a cloud engineer is an IT professional who builds and maintains cloud infrastructure. Under the cloud engineering umbrella, there are specific roles that include cloud architecting, development, and administration. Recruitment firm Weplacedyou has a Cloud Engineer role available for one of its clients, which requires around 12 years’ of experience. You will also need a track record of managing databases on major cloud platforms, and the ability to perform advanced analysis of OS and application issues.

Data scientist

Data scientists don’t wear white coats or use bunsen burners. Instead, they are analytical experts who use their technical skills to help companies to overcome complex problems. Right now, they are highly sought-after – and usually well-paid. This Intelligent Industry Analytics – Director role at Capgemini Invent is a case in point. Apply if you’d like to be responsible for advancing the development of the company’s Intelligent Industries Analytics capability. You will deliver value to clients through innovative analytics which will drive operational improvements, and minimise risk.

Software engineer

Software engineers create software for computers and applications. As a result, they are in high demand across every single sector. This is a great career, with plenty of transferable skills. If you are looking to make a move, has a Software Engineer II (Back End) role available in Manchester, London, or Amsterdam. The right candidate will have a minimum of three years’ software development experience, will know how to design and implement scalable services, and have a strong customer focus. Find out more here.

Want a new job before the end of 2022? Start your search today on the UKTN Job Board

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