What Is Aviator and Why Is It So Popular?

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

The Aviator game was released in 2019 and became available in casinos almost instantly. Fresh titles generally pop because players are curious about a new release and want to experience something different. As such, it wasn’t surprising when Aviator soared to the top of the gaming charts within a couple of weeks.

What shocked a few people, however, is that the game stayed there for the next couple of years. To this day, users head to their favourite digital establishments and enjoy what Aviator has to offer. You can play Aviator here if you want to see what the fuss is about! This begs the question – what is it and why is it still in demand?

What Is Aviator?

Unlike most casino games, Aviator doesn’t follow a tried and tested method of grids and symbols. There aren’t any paylines either, which is pretty revolutionary. But if there are zero paylines, how do you win prizes? The answer is through the game’s increasing coefficient.

When you load Aviator, you’ll notice a plane and a red line that steadily curves upwards. Your job is to max out the coefficient, boosting the multiplier, while figuring out when to cash out. If the plane flies off into the distance, or the line suddenly crashes, you lose. The concept is simple, yet it’s different from anything you’ll find throughout the online casino industry.

What Makes It Popular?

Video Game-esque

Several elements remind players of video games. By eliminating symbols and replacing them with an airplane, there’s more of a true gamer feel to Aviator. Firstly, you get the sense that the game relies on skill instead of luck. Online slots are great fun, but everything relies on the software and how the reels fall. With Aviator, your winnings are based on how you react when the gameplay is active. 

Secondly, you get features you would normally only experience on consoles. For instance, Aviator is a social game as it contains a live chat function that lets gamers connect. It also has tonnes of stats on the left-hand bar that you can use to try and improve your results.


Part of the brilliance of online casinos is that they make games accessible. Today’s modern libraries are available from pretty much anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device. So, you might be wondering how Aviator is different. The answer is that the game is designed with low-budget devices and low-bandwidth environments in mind. 

Essentially, Aviator doesn’t contain complicated technology that requires lots of RAM. Whether you have the latest handset or a retro one, and regardless of how strong your internet connection is, you should be able to play Aviator whenever you feel like it, which isn’t the case with several casino games.

Cryptocurrency Compatible

Aviator is now available on a range of platforms. However, crypto casinos are particularly keen to add it to their libraries because the setup is ideal for these operators. The format has become even more popular in cryptocurrency establishments as a result. This is fantastic news for Aviator fans because it means you can take advantage of using cryptos to play your favourite titles, whether that’s depositing or withdrawing. Cryptos have several benefits that can take your user experience to the next level.

That’s why the Aviator casino game is popular. Does it sound like something you would like to try?