Top 5 Casino Games With the Highest Winning Chances

Casino games are, of course, games of chance, but with some games, you have a better chance of winning than others. For example, one of the least profitable games of chance is lotteries. Many people participate in it but the chance of winning the lottery is just as low as being struck by lightning today. So not that big. But in other games, that percentage is much higher. We have a top 5 of those here.

1.    Blackjack

The casino game with the largest payout percentage is Blackjack. This card game is easy to learn and has the advantage of only playing against the dealer. You basically have nothing to do with other players, so there is no competition. That is the case with poker, for example. In general, card games are always more profitable than other games of chance, because in a way you can still influence and train yourself in it. There are also many tactics that you can use to increase your chances of winning. The payout percentage of Blackjack is on average 99.43%.

2.    Craps

The second casino game with the highest chance of winning is Craps. This dice game is mainly played in American casinos. But if you want to take a gamble with Craps in Europe, it is best to go online. The Craps table may seem intimidating at first, but once you get into it it’s not a difficult game to play. In Craps you do have to deal with other players, but in principle, you do not play against each other. It’s more about estimating what the other players are throwing the dice. And that is of course still a game of chance, which does not necessarily have to do with the person who throws it. It is especially a very fun game because you play it together.

3.    Punto Banco

Punto Banco (also known as Baccarat) is the third game with the highest chance of winning. The payout percentage is 99.07%. As mentioned before, card games are often more predictable, giving you a better chance of winning. Punto Banco is also not difficult to learn. At each round, you can bet on Punto, Banco or Egalité. The dealer always plays two cards for Punto and two cards for Banco. The value of the cards cannot exceed nine. If you bet on the winning box Punto or Banco, you get double your bet back. If the cards are equal on both sides, and you have bet on Egalité, you will win back no less than eight times your bet.

4.    Roulette

Roulette is very simple and has a relatively high payout percentage of 97.30%. Playing roulette is simple. The roulette wheel has an equal number of red and black squares with numbers. When you bet on black or red your chance of winning is 50-50 and if you win you get double your bet back. You can also bet on certain numbers, with which you can win more, but where the chance is smaller than you have guessed correctly. There are also many roulette tactics invented that can increase your chances of winning.

5.    Online slots

Finally, online slots are the cheapest to play. In contrast to the previous games, with this game of chance, you are completely dependent on the game itself and you have no further influence on its progress. Nevertheless, online slots still have a fairly high payout percentage, namely an average of 96%. This still differs per game, with the game with the highest chance of winning around 99%. We also know that online slots have a greater chance of winning than slots in a land-based casino. In addition, you also have more choices of slots online, so you can also choose the slot with the highest payout percentage.

Low house edge = more chance of winning

Inextricably linked to a chance of winning is the house edge. A higher chance of winning also automatically means that the house edge is lower. Let me take roulette again as an example. In the case of roulette, the house edge is 2.7%. In practice, this means that for every €100 wagered at the roulette table, exactly €2.70 is left for the house in the casino. The remaining €97.30 is for the player, which in turn means that the house makes a little profit and the player loses something.


Please note: these are the long-term statistics: short-term fluctuations and deviations can indeed exist. That is why a game of chance is a game of chance! Still, a house edge of 2.7% is very low. Just consider that there are physical slots where the house edge sometimes goes up to 15%-20%. That’s quite a difference compared to some table games.

  • The high house edge, advantageous to the casino: The higher the house edge, the more the casino earns and the lower the house edge, the less they earn.
  • The low house edge, favorable to the player: The opposite can be said for the player: the higher the house edge, the more unfavorable the player, the lower the house edge, the more favorable.

The RTP, the payout percentage

The house edge in slots is often referred to as the payout percentage, also called the RTP (Return to Player), and it represents how much percent is paid out to the player. This percentage is between 0 and 100%, but in practice, it is often between 94% and 98% for video slots and at percentages of sometimes as much as 99% for some table games. The following applies the closer the percentage to 100%, the more favorable for the player. The reverse also applies: the lower the percentage, the less the house has to payout, the more favorable for the casino.

Interaction between RTP and payout percentage

There is also a trade-off between the RTP and the house edge. With a payout percentage of 98%, the house edge is 2%. And for a game with a house edge of 3%, the RTP is 97%.