New Features On Betting Apps Really Enhance The Experience

betting online

The online betting industry is becoming better every day – with new features and better technology striving to improve a bettor’s overall experience. More than ever, people are starting to gamble on the go, using their mobiles to place wagers wherever they are, whenever they want.  As such, online horse betting has never been easier – and more fun. Here we will look at all of the most recent innovations and features available at the best online gambling apps that create an even better user experience for all.

1. An Intuitive User Interface

The most important thing for anyone looking to place their bets on mobile app is the ease of use – and that means having an intuitive user interface. Any good online betting app should have an appealing interface that is both easy to navigate and easy to get the hang of. It should not only look attractive, but you should be able to make your bets quickly and easily, as well as access other areas such as your user account, payments, customer service etc. The more technologically advanced apps are usually more intuitive, easy to use and offer a better overall experience. 

2. Integrating Social Media

Every singly online platform now makes the effort to integrate Social Media platforms – and the more the better. This may be a basic feature but it is also essential. This helps provide the user to get a more rounded experience. Not only can they then interact with the company via social media – but they can also create a more social dynamic to their experience – including connecting with friends and other users.

3. Rewards and Bonuses

People like rewards – and they like to be recognised for loyalty etc. This can drive players to enjoy the services more. As such, in-app rewards that are connected to your betting experience are excellent – and vital for any app that wants to compete. Whether it’s free bet rewards, free bonus money, enhanced odds – it could be anything that makes a player feel that they are being rewarded and recognised for being a loyal customer. What’s more, it will encourage a bettor to return and keep using a platform that rewards them for doing so – which benefits the player and the bookie as they get a more stable user base.

4. Betting Guides

This is important because not every player that signs up is an expert. If a new user signs up and they don’t have a lot of experience, user guides can really help and enhance their experience. This also makes the betting site look helpful, transparent and helps build the relationship between bettor and bookie.

5. Overviews of Horses and Jockeys

Bettors like to go into the gambling experience with as much knowledge as possible. That’s why it’s not only helpful but also very important for betting apps to give their users profiles and information on jockeys and horses with stats. This should be presented clearly, with infographics and the ability for users to compare performances. The more information available and the easier it is to read, compare and contrast, the better.

6. Live Streaming

People not only like to bet on the go, but they also like to watch the race or event on which they have bet on. This is hugely beneficial as they can see how their wagers are getting on. They can also make live and in-play bets as it’s happening as well. 

There have never been more options for betting apps – so users can afford to pick the best apps with the best features. Horse racing betting on the go has never been more accessible and fun.