How Virtual Reality Simplifies Our Everyday Life

A new wave of speculation has overcome the internet with Mark Zuckerberg slowly feeding the public bits of information on one of his biggest projects to date, the metaverse. The project promises to create a digital space for people to inhabit using virtual reality technology that we’ve seen take over the gaming industry with such projects as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Although the project is likely still years away from completion, the stir caused by it is one we should be hearing about more frequently as the project gets ready to drop. Questions of safety, implementation, and scope surround the project, and people just seem to want to know what it will do. Although we can only add to the speculation, we’d like to offer a few ways this new VR craze could change our everyday lives.

Cyber Wall Street & A VR Market

Wall Street has been a big part of the world for a while now and many businesses are made or undone by its fickle sway. But when it comes to virtual reality, we think there’s more to be done. Right now, if you want to sell General Motors stock or buy amazon stock, you can do so by opening up an app in your phone and touching the screen a few times. It’s as simple as it’s ever been, but with virtual reality, we might be able to trade this simplicity for something a little more awe-inspiring.

We might have a virtual stock market where not only is everything as quick as the click of a button, but face-to-face earnings reports can be held for all to see. It can be a merging of the old and new ways that will bring everybody closer together than ever before. Who knows what kind of effect this could have on the markets. Let alone the fact that VR companies will soon be gaining a foothold in that very same market. The better those companies do, the better that experience will be.

Connecting People

There’s no shortage of communication apps at our disposal. Between Facebook Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp, it’s not hard to stay in touch. But with the emergence of virtual reality, we could see people as if they were sitting in our living rooms with us. Although there are some downsides to these chat rooms, password protected lobbies could offer people safety while also allowing them to interact with others.

With this, we could bowl with colleagues, talk sports at the beach with our friends, or gossip with our next-door neighbour on Mars, all from the comfort of our own homes. We can’t even say that the sky’s the limit with VR, because, in reality, it could be much further than that.

Window Shopping

As if online shopping wasn’t big enough, it seems that VR promises to do more for the industry. With the introduction of a digital world, we’ll see online shops roll out digital stores that customers can walk into from anywhere in the world. Not only that, but customers will be able to interact with objects and try on clothes like they would in a real-world location. This technology has already hit the world, but isn’t used frequently. When the world adopts the technology that will completely change and virtual malls could be popping up left, right, and center. Who knows what this will do to physical locations over the next decade.

So no matter what happens with the technology in the long run, be sure to keep checking in with us to see how things are progressing with VR. Who knows the full extent of how this technology could change the world.