How Does Live Casino Work: The Inside Behind The Technology 

For those of you that look into adding live casino games to your playing routine, you may be wondering about how technology has made it possible to come this far? Today we are seeing enthusiastic casino players, playing from all over the world, so easily and so seamlessly. Casinos now offer huge live casino portfolios due to the technology becoming more advanced and innovative within the gambling industry.  

With popular variations of live casino, such as game shows like Crazy Time, Live Monopoly and classic games that includes blackjack, roulette and baccarat, technology that has continuously evolved rapidly, makes playing real time casino games a walk in the park. Within this review we look at the exact details of how technology has allowed such ideals to exist and entertain us within the past two decades. Then once you’ve read it, you can find out more information about the type of live games you can play in This guide on bestcasinobonuses.co.uk.

Key Live Casino Components 

Below are the attributes and technological features that a casino and games developer must invest in, to allow bringing real time live casino as a possibility to players within the gambling community. All of these features are user friendly and safe, as these casinos invest heavily on player safety and cyber security.


Cameras play an active and important role to ensure that they are providing the key features of a casino game to the player on the other end of the screen. In fact, the latest technological breakthrough allows for smaller cameras to be used, that stream the live feed of the casino game even more powerfully than ever introduced before. For example, a roulette game from Microgaming, would need to use three separate games alone to allow players to engage with the game. One camera would be used for the roulette table, another for the filming of the wheel and finally the overall picture display.

Game Control Unit 

The next feature that is pretty important, is the Game Control Unit (GCU), that comes attached to the casino table game itself. This device is pretty small, no larger than a small shoe box in fact, but it is responsible for providing the code that allows for the games to be broadcast to players. The GCU aids the dealer within the game being filmed, to run the game live and essentially is key for assisting the access to broadcast from your end.


Of course, the presence of a wheel will depend on whether or not you are playing roulette of course, however if you are, this will be the main component to the game. As a player, you will be betting on the live momentum of a real roulette wheel spinning. The outcome of that will dictate if you get a return or go away with a loss. 

The wheels do come with built in sensors though, so that casino configuration will meet and act on real time in accordance to the movement of the wheel. It allows the interface between the wheel and casino to be harmonious and constantly in tune with one another.


Monitors are used to clearly identify what the players actually see on their screens, but hey even if you are not willing to be put on camera, you operate what is called a blind spot, that the camera will not pick up voluntarily. This is all needed to help the dealer interact and play with your momentum of placing bets and essentially when you are ready to go ahead. 

You may also interact with a live chat between you and the live dealer, just in case there is an issue that prevents you from playing efficiently or that there is something greater affecting your gameplay and interaction with the dealer. It is all happening in real time, so of course it can be flawed at times and must be accounted for. The main thing is that dealers can very much see you!

Optical Camera Recognition Technology 

Last but not least, this technology is vital for any live casino game to be played seamlessly. In fact, because of this camera recognition integration, every small detail that happens in the gaming room will be picked up upon and streamed directly through back to the player. You will be able to place bets via your computer screen too, as the OCR is what picks up every action and translates it into data that can be used to play with. Shuffling of cards, wheel spinning, it is all picked up and contributes to your seamless gaming!

Live Casino Games


Bingo is one of the most popular games at an online casino. The reason being is, the adrenaline that builds around each reveal of the numbers to check off your bingo grid, keeps you hooked and even more intrigued on the outcome of the game. Nothing beats that relief and hasty moment when you reach out to shout your ‘bingo’ moment, and take all the prize money for yourself. 

In comparison to the other games that are available to play live within a casino, you will find that bingo is the easiest to learn. The rules are pretty straightforward and not something that will take you long to learn. A couple of free practice games, and you are good to go! While there are many variants of bingo, some will differ more than others, so it will be up to you to decide which of the variants are more for you e.g. 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo and so on. 


Keno is a game that can be played live from casinos. While this one does have some resemblance to bingo, this game is a much older variation, so technically bingo is more like keno! The dealer in this game will distribute 1 to 80 cards that will be used in aid of players and their predictions. Players will need to predict the random numbers that are not in the hands of the dealer. The caller will shout out twenty numbers randomly, and then start matching it with the players who have guessed the most numbers, and win the big prize pot of money.

Wheel of Fortune

This game comes after the French word where players will choose a single number, groups of numbers or different colours from the wheel to bet on. Similar to roulette, if you manage to get the bet after the wheel is distributed, then you will be able to cash out a large prize of winnings, depending on the odds and difficulty of your bet, of course. 

Live Casino Hold’em

Live casino hold’em is one of the most popular games played all over the world. Poker is something that gets super romanticised within Hollywood culture, which is why so many gamblers want to play it, when they get the chance to go to a live casino. With most of your luck revolving the cards dealt by the dealer, you would have to pray on Lady Luck giving you the best cards for a Royal Flush-even those the chances of that are very, very slim. Nevertheless, players of this game hope and dream that they will be lucky enough to land this combination regardless of how difficult it is.

Scratch Cards 

Last but not least, scratch cards are another really popular live game to play during the winter season. Scratch cards can also be one of the easiest ways of making some decent winning for yourself when it comes to playing casino games. Some of the best ones out there come from prestigious software developers like Microgaming, and NetEnt. 

The thrill and excitement that comes from playing each and every scratch of your card, is very similar to bingo, with a little less pressure. Funnily enough, scratch cards also come with more variety and themes, making the gaming experience for many more varied, as it is less restrictive to the typical bingo games and their variations.

All that is left for you to do, when you consider playing these games is having a hot drink at the ready, and your cosy winter casino vibe is completely set.