How Could Blockchain Disrupt Gaming?

It has been said on many occasions that Blockchain could have a serious impact on the online gaming industry in a number of ways over the coming years. Here we will be taking a closer look at what blockchain games are and how exactly Blockchain can majorly disrupt an area of the online gaming sector as we know it today.

For those of you who don’t know, a blockchain game is an online video game that utilises features that include blockchain technologies that are cryptography-based. Otherwise known as crypto games or NFT (Non-fungible token) games, blockchain games allow you to take real-world value into the digital world and pay for in-play items, such as in-game currency, weapons, skins, loot boxes, virtual trophies, and more. You can also develop and sell items. In short, gone are the days of being forced to use Visa or Mastercard to process transactions when playing blockchain games.

Can Blockchain improve the gaming industry?

There are lots of avenues that can be explored here. In short, it’s all about money, like most things. There’s a huge market for blockchain gaming, which is currently one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the tech industry. Many of today’s games are free, but you still need money to play them. For example, to make it to the next level or simply to advance further in the game, you generally need to buy in-play items that are otherwise known as ‘purchasables.’ You can also sell anything that you make.

These can be a variety of items, depending on the game, such as in-game currency, virtual trophies, skins (clothing/characters), loot boxes, weapons, and more. Cryptocurrencies make purchasing these items more effortless than ever before, plus the levels of security with blockchain transactions are much higher than the security levels that most other standard online payment solutions currently offer. Better still, there are no fees attached to blockchain technology, so you can see why gamers prefer to purchase items with cryptocurrencies. Sound exciting? Don’t forget that you can play a wide range of blockchain games and MMORPG games (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) right now at a growing number of dedicated sites.

What other benefits are there?

Blockchain can undoubtedly improve the monopolistic gaming industry, especially for the user. Blockchain offers a safe environment that enables players to buy and sell securely. The technology can significantly reduce fraudulent activity, which can only be a benefit for the industry as a whole. Blockchain platforms use only the highest levels of encryption technology, which is basically impossible to hack, and another obvious benefit for the gamer. There is no single server. Instead, a decentralised blockchain network is used to keep virtual funds & assets stored securely.

What the future holds

It isn’t a far stretch of the imagination to say that Blockchain will be the future of a thriving and stable online gaming sector. The benefits mentioned above are just a snippet of how beneficial Blockchain really is and how it can turn the entire industry on its head thanks to its pioneering technology. Innovation will continue, and it will inevitably lead to an entirely different gaming environment in the not-too-distant future compared with the current landscape.

A look at some of the best blockchain games in 2022

If you’re looking to play one of the world’s best blockchain games in 2022 from your smartphone, tablet, desktop or mobile device, then you may want to check out some of these hot titles, to begin with, before trying any others. There are more than 750 cryptocurrencies out there today, some far more popular than others, and you can now find multiple cryptocurrency games.

For example, you can find Ethereum games, EOS games, Tron games, Ontology games, Thundercore games, Waves games, Wax games, Steam games, Hive games, BNB Chain games, Polygon games, FLOW games, Near games, Avalanche games, Telos games, and Tezos games. You also have RSK games, IoTeX games, Vulcan Forged games, Harmony games, OKC games, Solana games, Ronin games, Fuse games, and many more!

Examples of today’s most popular blockchain games, in no particular order of importance, include Ember Sword, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Battle Racers, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and Crazy Defense Heroes. If you enjoy playing any of these games, then you may also like to try Ethermom, Neon District: Season One, Light Nite, Sorare, Star Atlas, Blankos Block Party, and CryptoKitties. You can look forward to even more new blockchain games arriving over the coming months.