Exploring the Many Variations of Online Blackjack Games

A live casino setup

Blackjack is possibly the most popular table game in casinos both online and in land casinos. Whether you have seen it and felt inspired to play it, due to influence from Hollywood movie culture, or you just have been wanting to swing into the direction of a gambling niche, blackjack should certainly suffice you enough regardless. There are so many variations from casino to casino, and understanding the different types will, of course, help you make the best choice when picking the right game for yourself and your gambling ambitions.

Within this article, the most common variations of blackjack will be elaborated on, so you can have a good idea on which blackjack game is the best for you to start off your journey. Once you have made your choice, be sure to check out bestonlineblackjack.com to try out the many variations of Blackjack. Continue reading to find out more!

The Different Types of Blackjack Games

Classical Blackjack 

Classical blackjack is the kind of game that everyone knows and is aware of. It is by far one of the most popular variants in the casino industry, due to the fact that the rules are pretty straightforward and very simple to pick up and understand. The aim of the game is primarily to get your hand of cards the nearest to 21 in value, or 21 on the dot. If you go over that value, you lose the wager you make entirely.

The key features which make this game massively stand out, is the fact that it can be played with 2 to 4 decks of cards, meaning the game can be played with a nice duration and length to it. In addition to this, the act of doubling and splitting of the deck is allowed, making 2 re-splits possible, and a doubling to be possible directly following a split. 

European Blackjack

European blackjack is where there are two decks of cards that are typically played. The rules of this game involve smaller card decks, in addition to the dealer standing on a soft 17. The casino will make up for this however, by ensuring that the rules of the dealer are to not check for a blackjack within the game.

Just like the classical variation, the dealer standing on a soft 17, makes this game stand out massively. In addition to this, the blackjack from the dealer against the players will result in a push within the game, which makes it very entertaining to play. Especially when you explore the online casino variations from NetEnt and Microgaming. They bring across this variation in the most entertaining way and of course players can only double down should they have a total of either 9, 10 or 11.


Pontoon is another popular variation that you may have heard of on your gambling journey. This game can also be known and called Spanish 21. What makes this game hugely popular, is the fact that the dealer’s hole of cards is played both facing down. This limited form of information can help players have a higher payout overall, should the right wagers be enforced.

Other factors that make this game stand out quite a lot too, is the two-card hand feature which will amount to a pontoon, if the player gets to 21. Pontoon is certainly more creative to say, over blackjack, right? Just remember if you choose to play this, as a player, you will only be able to stand if you have a total of 15 or more. Should the dealer hit a soft 17, they win all ties.

Multi-hand Blackjack

Multi-hand blackjack is the game in which you are allowed to play with more than one hand at a time. This can potentially be quite fast paced and seriously have you on your toes. However, there is no doubt that this possibly could be one of the most entertaining variations on the market today. With the advent of artificial intelligence and the role it now plays in online casino games, you can really experience a fair and fast paced game from the comfort of your own home! Players like this game, as it can integrate multiple wagers at once meaning your returns can be quite large and boastful, by the time you end your gaming session. Of course, just as your multi-hand can go successfully with plenty of winnings, there can be a complete turn of fate with large losses, so make sure you handle and manage your bankroll well. It is better to be safe than sorry-this game moves fast, so keep up!

While many beginners tend to try this blackjack variation first, it is the best idea to make sure that you try out other variations like the classical blackjack, just to make sure you have a hang of the game rules. Multi-hand is considered more of an intermediate to advanced game.