Best Payment Methods for Online Casinos

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Converting your fiat currency to e-gaming points today has never been this easier. With the multiple methods of e-payment available in this industry, we can now pay for playing games easily. The million-dollar question new gamers ask is the following: “how does one identify a good payment method?” Aside from the fact that first-time gamers have to worry about any low-deposit casino, they have to consider buying e-gaming points.

This article highlights the e-wallet selections professional gamers use to get their live dealer and slot points. Stay till the end to get an exclusive report on what to expect for e-payments in the future. Now let’s list a few where you can easily pay for e-gaming spots.


Interac is a payment platform available to customers banking with 250+ financial institutions. The service is one of the many new payment technologies gamers use. Interac uses the common processor, Gigadat, as the system for processing transactions. Canadian players enjoy swift transactions with confirmation of no longer than 30 minutes on Interac.

Note that not all Canadian online casinos accept the Interac electronic service, mainly because it is one of the payment systems accredited by a few banks. Players who are interested in using this banking option can turn to the reviews of the best Interac casinos in Canada at, where experts only analyze the most reliable and secure sites. Interac is a reliable payment option online. You’d also find top online gambling sites that approve Interac transactions. With this safe payment technology, all transactions below $100 only attract a $0.47 charge.

Pay by Phone

This is one of the popular methods used by most online casino players worldwide. You can make deposits for any online payment with your mobile phone. Every local bank allows customers to transact using their phone bills. Today, this online payment method is one of the safest online casino payment methods used by gamers. You can easily credit your online casino account with your registered bank number.

Again, not all casinos accept this popular payment method because of the fear of third-party access. Every phone bill transaction gets processed almost immediately as soon as you verify the request. Gamers should choose the most reputable online casinos that can be paid for by phone bills first, so the reviews offer the most secure pay by phone bill casino sites to make the choice easier. Most of these sites charge little to nothing on deposits made by first-time online casino players.


With cryptocurrency, online casino players can make multiple deposits without releasing their personal information. Bitcoin has become one of the most secure and reliable online casino payment methods. Paying through cryptocurrencies allows you to deposit as much as you wish without restrictions. Most financial institutions have limits on e-payments. Digital payment methods like Bitcoin help you to avoid that.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin help eliminate financial institutions’ rules and regulations. With this technological innovation, online casino players need not worry about delays. Their decentralized e-payment technologies allow you to receive earnings almost immediately through your cryptocurrency wallets. In the online gambling Industry, this is one of the seamless payment options available to casino players.

Visa and MasterCard

You can deposit money into your casino account with credit cards assigned to you from your local bank. These cards have effective security systems for online banking. They are designed to help you pay into your casino account at any time of the day. There are multiple ways of making money with e-payments using your credit card. Some are linked to other financial institutions that guarantee an extra security layer to your transactions on the web.

Online casino withdrawals can also be processed through this withdrawal method. Websites that accept this as one of their online casino payment methods guarantee seamless transactions for gamers. Most of these sites allow casino gamers in Canada to process withdrawals through their Visa cards. The technology makes it possible to link your card with more than one casino operator in Canada. Your real money from gambling would be processed almost immediately.


Neteller is one popular withdrawal method used among online gamers in this industry. The payment platforms offer 24/7 seamless deposits and withdrawals of virtual gamers. Neteller charges low fees on withdrawal requests made by casino players. There are additional protective measures against cyber theft to avoid false requests from third parties. Customers receive one-time-payment passwords before their requests get processed. Neteller issues Net+ cards for their online payments.

The platform has been operating since 2000 with a huge annual net profit from financial requests on the Internet. It is a great system to help you process your online gaming points. A few casinos offer additional bonus points for gamers that use Neteller on their websites.

The Future of Payment Technologies

The process of sending and receiving money today differs from conventional methods, all thanks to evolving technology. People no longer have to walk in any building to send funds to their loved ones miles away. In the same light, high rollers need not walk into casinos with a briefcase filled with high denominations. The future of payment technology eliminates the middleman’s spot. Anyone from around the world can process their e-gaming deposits in a blink.

We expect to have more developing technology that supports more seamless deposits on virtual e-gaming websites. In a few years, we should expect more decentralized e-wallet transactions on e-gaming sites. We’d get more cryptocurrency methods on these platforms. The future of payment technology is decentralized without involving middlemen or other financial institutions.


Personally, we’d prefer Interac to others. The reason isn’t far-fetched,  Interac converts your CAD for foreign exchange regardless of the currency in question. It is one of the most convenient methods used for gaming at any website online.

If you do not have accounts with any e-wallet services, you can opt for the pay-by-phone method. With your mobile phone connected to any local bank, you can buy e-gaming points online. The Visa-MasterCard combo is a popular one across all gaming websites in Canada. These cards are easy to apply, with swift deliveries to customers in every state. Get your payment methods ready and register to try your luck at online casinos today!