Zyper has raised $6.5m in Series A funding which brings Zyper’s total funding to $8.5m.

The new marketing platform that connects brands with their ‘superfans’ to drive engagement, insights and sales’ latest funding round was led by Talis Capital with participation from Forerunner Ventures and Y Combinator.

Companies such as Topshop, Banana Republic and Nestlé are among the companies using Zyper which uses computer vision and natural language processing to source the top 1% of a brand’s biggest fans and leverage them as brand advocates rather than as paid influencers.

Amber Atherton, Founder of Zyper, said: “Storytelling and transparency have become paramount for brands as consumers look to engage with them in a more authentic and unfiltered way.

“Zyper is creating an entirely new category of community-based brand advocacy that will drive sales and surface significant consumer insights.

“We’re thrilled to partner with this prestigious group of investors, who will be instrumental in helping us bring our platform to even more companies seeking true brand advocates.”

Zyper will use the new funds to open its headquarters in San Francisco and continue to develop its predictive analytics engine and recommendation system algorithms.

Kirill Tasilov from Talis Capital added: “Zyper is on a path to become a transformational company that enables brands to identify and collaborate with their superfans across a number of social media channels.

“The platform improves the quality, scalability and efficiency of community marketing by allowing brands to track and manage their fans automatically using advanced machine-learning models. Advertising as we know it is over and we’re proud to back this next-level technology.”