UK tech startup Temporall, founded by a former Google global director, has developed a world class AI and analytics-based platform to give key performance insights to leadership teams. The company has announced a £1m seed+ funding round from UK-based VC Luminous Ventures today.

Temporall’s recent momentum has been exceptional considering the current climate, with two new premium partnerships announced last month, along with two new senior tech hires. Temporall is forecasting 900% revenue growth FY20 – FY22. Customers include Google, Blue Prism, Rakuten, Dyson, Anthony Nolan and XL Media.

Temporall Founder and CEO Thomas Davies: “The momentum in our business has come at the right time. We’ve worked closely with customers and partners to help them make sense of their own organisational performance.

“Now, under the most challenging market conditions in living memory, the value provided by our Workbench platform has been proven. This is allowing us to invest in our team, our technology and our growth strategy. All businesses have problems to solve and opportunities to pursue. But if the leadership team doesn’t have a clear picture of what’s happening within their own organisation, it makes it very difficult to get things done.

“That’s why I started Temporall – to bring clarity to leaders. We help leadership teams understand where they are, what to do next and in what order.”  

London Business School professor Julian Birkinshaw and Board advisor to Temporall said, “Temporall has identified that in most organisations, leaders undertake their decision making without a current or complete insights about the things they are trying to change. Prior to the pandemic, I believed that the organisational intelligence Temporall provides was important in changing the way organisations are run. This crisis has now had a profound impact in accelerating this need.” 

Izzy Fox, Co-Managing Partner of Luminous Ventures, Council Member Innovate UK and Board advisor to Temporal added, “Historically in the tech sector, we have seen innovation thrive, and forward-thinking businesses accelerate, following major disruption moments.

“We believe it will change the way leadership teams make decisions, and it’s why we have built a seven figure seed+ fund structure with Temporall.”