QVentures investment club founder Lex Deak has created an app that aggregates projects from Crowdcube, Seedrs, Angels List UK, Angels Den, Crowdfunder, Funding Tree and Investing Zon into a single stream.

The Tinder-style Tendr app provides a short snapshot of each company, how much they are looking to raise and the equity share they are giving away.

Users swipe left or right to identify projects they’re interested in backing and can then look into each campaign in further detail. They can also set alerts that notify them when a campaign is due to end, or when the company is nearing its target.

Deak said: “The number of equity crowdfunding platforms is growing rapidly. With sites starting to specialise in key sectors or targeting a particular group of investors, it’s starting to become increasingly difficult for people to stay on top of the wealth of deals available. We wanted to make life simpler by bringing them all together on one application, enabling greater deal flow for the benefit of investors and entrepreneurs.”

The company has been bootstrapped to date, but Deak is hoping to increase conversions for the various partner platforms and then take a cut of any deals made. The platform will continue to be extended, offering additional filtering options for identifying different kinds of investments, as well as increasing the range of investment opportunities for investors to view.

Darren Westlake, CEO of Crowdcube, one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms to sign up to the service, added: “Tendr will open our platform up to a whole host of new investors and is a great value-add for our portfolio of deals. We’ll be able to see the types of content that drive the highest level of engagement to the Crowdcube site. These learnings will be invaluable in making our campaigns more successful.”

The app will be raising its own funding round shortly.

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