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This London-based Machine Learning platform lets colleagues swap skills, raises £350K funding


Based out of London, eSwapp is a SaaS platform powered by Machine Learning (ML) to find the best matches instantly for colleagues to give and get skills. Recently, the company raised £350K from a private investor. 

Appoints new Chief Customer Officer

The company is planning to use the funding to accelerate the growth of its platform. Additionally, Andrew Read joined eSwapp as Chief Customer Officer. Andrew was one of the first employees of a startup acquired by IBM, and recently Director of Sales at Adobe and Head of Sales & Strategy at MediaMelon.

eSwapp’s private investor said, ‘I am thrilled to invest in and partner with eSwapp to bring its array of benefits to more companies through skill sharing and knowledge transfer in the workplace. They help to solve some of the biggest pain points in business, and I see huge potential in eSwapp’s approach towards unlocking the potential that already exists within organisations.”

Skill-sharing platform

eSwapp was established in 2018 by Uyen Ngo, a former marketer for multinationals such as Danone and GlaxoSmithKline, Ghazal Diani, formerly at RBS and Goldman Sachs. The complete skill platform empowers users to learn and share skills with their colleagues and helps organisations to grow businesses. 

The London-based company Machine Learning for its four solutions: Capture, Upskill, Benchmark, Prediction, to provide actionable insight into current skills, training needs, and skills gap analysis, how the organisation compares on industry standards and to give skill predictions to make strategic business decisions.

How was eSwapp born?

Uyen Ngo wanted to master the art of roasting, cupping, and pour-over, but the Barista course cost about £5,000. At that point, she realised instead of paying up for the course, she could simply swap her marketing skills with a barista for free in return. 

What started as a B2C idea in October 2018 quickly became a SaaS platform in 2019, after Uyen realised the gap of skill-sharing within the corporate Learning and Development market. This platform helps to connect colleagues to upskill one-on-one with each other online or in person. 

Recognised for its vision and technology

Notably, eSwapp has been recognised early for its vision and technology, becoming one of 14 UK companies selected for a British government mission to the Netherlands on Artificial Intelligence in 2019.

Uyen Ngo, the CEO, said, ‘Our three-layer mathematical model, developed by a former associate at Yale and Cambridge University, makes skill predictions to help organisations get ahead of the curve with strategic business decisions backed by smart data. This pre-seed round will go towards new hires, fine-tuning our product development, and a solid client acquisition and retention strategy.’