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TechHub to open new London location

TechHub, the leading community for tech entrepreneurs, is set to open the doors of a new London location – aptly named TechHub London – later this month.

The latest TechHub, which will be at 20 Ropemaker Street, quickly follows the launch of TechHub Boston, boosting TechHub’s rapid global growth as it approaches its milestone fifth birthday.

Home to up to 400 TechHub members, TechHub London will allow members to be closer to the City, while remaining connected to TechHub Shoreditch and TechHub @Campus.

Together the three London locations reflect the increasing maturity of London’s tech scene and provide flexible options to access the wide range of opportunities that TechHub membership provides to help businesses scale up. The three London sites provide maximum value membership options for tech startups at every stage of their development.

Andrew Tibbitts, global COO at TechHub, said: “London is full of tech innovation and there’s a lot of it happening at TechHub.

“While, TechHub provides a community in which members can collaborate, network and help each other during the early stages of their business, we also work with the growing number of tech startups in London rapidly scaling their companies.

“UK startups are attracting investment like never before and with its close proximity to the City, and excellent opportunities to help them grow, we’re expecting to see our members use TechHub London to succeed even further in raising funding rounds, attracting the very best talent and successfully bringing products to market.”

TechHub London opens on 22 June.