Tally Market, the British Airbnb of co-working spaces totals £330K seed funding

Tally Market Image credits: Tally Market

UK is gradually opening now, the sun is mostly out and you might want to safely step out of your house and work in a flexible space which is also clean and free from virus. A vibrant cafe which will welcome you with your laptop and will brew an excellent coffee for you? But, how to find one easily? Well, Tally Market, makes sure that you have one near you.

Founded in 2020 by Laura Beales and Jules Robertson, Tally Market is an online platform that helps you locate flexible workplaces near your location. Currently, the platform is active in the UK and offers workplaces with neat Wi-fi connection, safe workstations and a good cup of coffee. At present, the British startup has collaborated with more than 300 space locations spread across the UK, right from coffee shops, co-working spaces to hotels.

Now the London-headquartered startup has closed six-digit funding in an oversubscribed seed funding round. With this, the overall funding raised by the company to date is £330K.

Focuses on growing its team and user base

The funding pumped into Tally Market came from a group of prominent angel investors and startup veterans. It will be used to grow its team to 6 people in a few weeks and further invest in technology and customer acquisition.

Investor Anthony Ward, CEO at Armajaro Holdings Limited, said: “We continue to see companies embracing new ways of working and hence increasing the demand for flexible and on-demand workspace. Tally Market’s platform does an amazing job of connecting companies and their employees with a great range of spaces across the UK. I’m excited to invest in Tally Market, and look forward to seeing the product, team, and market scale”

Investor Jamie Thomas, Co-founder at The Purpose Index and The Network Lab, said: “The workplace is changing. Employees are demanding flexibility in both timing and locality of their work, and businesses need to maintain performance, security, and wellbeing. Tally Market is best positioned to solve this need in the same way Airbnb did for the homestay rental market.”

On-demand access to facilities

Like an Airbnb for coworking spaces, Tally Market provides teams with on-demand access to hot desks, meeting rooms and day offices at coworking and hospitality venues across the UK. Furthermore, team members get credits to book a large range of workspaces that are searchable by facilities, location, and size. Also, it offers part-time office leases for teams looking for a central space to meet just a few days a week. Tally Market is a truly flexible workspace solution.

The company has established partnership agreements with some of the biggest space operators in the country including Huckletree, Runaway East, Mercure, Us&Co and others.

Laura Beales, the Co-founder of Tally Market, said: “We are very proud of our achievements over the past nine months but we have barely scratched the surface of the opportunity ahead of us. There are over 14.3 million desk-based employees in the UK, many of which are struggling to adapt to new ways of working. The flexibility, cost-saving and ease of use that Tally provides is a game-changer for companies and their teams.”

Helps companies recover from COVID-19

Their mission is also to help co-working spaces and hospitality venues to create another revenue stream, especially those who have been hard hit by COVID-19. It was awarded Innovate UK funding from their Sustainable Innovation Fund, which was set up to fund new projects focusing on driving a sustainable economic recovery from COVID-19.

Jules Robertson, the Co-founder of Tally Market, said: “Companies are struggling to support their employees with a new hybrid way of work, with it often becoming apparent that the home is failing to provide the right conditions for productive work and traditional offices are not ideal for collaboration.”