Stocard, the leading mobile wallet and one of the largest B2C start-ups in Europe in terms of number of users, officially launches in the UK and unveils a mobile payment feature as it reaches 50 ,illion users globally.

Starting today, UK-based Stocard users can pay via a virtual Mastercard issued in the app, an option which will be rolled out across Europe later this year.

Payments through the Stocard mobile app are accepted everywhere with just a tap of the phone on the terminal, without the need to touch the pin pad – much faster and safer, and therefore more relevant than ever in the current context.

The sign-up only takes a minute and is completely digital, with no paperwork required. Just like with their loyalty cards, users will now be able to add their bank cards to the Stocard app and select which one they want to fund their wallet with.

With partners regularly offering promotions of 10% or higher, Stocard allows its users to save more than any other app or platform. Beyond payments, the app wants to help shape the future of how consumers shop and access financial services.

Stocard firmly believes that digitisation doesn’t stop at banks, and that the shift in consumer behaviors and expectations will lead the way for simpler, on-the-go financial services.

Marco Grossi, Stocard VP of Sales, who joined Stocard from Facebook earlier this year said: “We are delighted to officially launch in the UK, where several million users are already on the Stocard app for their daily shopping. The UK is the third largest M-Commerce market in the world behind China and the USA, with almost 56bn euros transacted in annually. We’re delighted to facilitate this experience to more individuals in the UK.”

“The launch of our mobile payment feature is a major step for Stocard globally,” says Björn Goß, Founder and CEO.

“As our wallets are moving to our mobile phones, the digital wallet is becoming the central hub in our lives for anything around money, shopping, and banking. The future of retail and of banking will look way more similar to what we are already seeing in Asia with the likes of Alipay rather than what European banks are currently doing. This consolidation of shopping, payments and financial services in the digital wallet will happen in Europe as well. We are working closely with our retail partners to shape this future.”

Stocard counts 50 million customers predominantly located in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and Canada. Last year, shoppers made 1.7 Billion purchases with the app, spending close to 40 Billion € annually. Users can add all their loyalty cards within the app, discover good deals at their favorite retailers, search for and activate coupons, which are applied automatically at the checkout with just one click, and see their transactions and points balance in real time.

The company raised $20 million from Macquarie Capital in 2018, and operates in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, the Benelux countries and Australia.