Spond, a sports tech platform that organises community sports in Norway and UK secures £8M funding


Spond, a free platform used to organise community sports and other group activities, has secured £8 million in funding from the investment company Verdane. The company is planning to use the funds to expand its operation globally. 

Organising group sports

Founded by Per Otto Wold, Spond makes it easy to organise groups for either children or adults. The platform is free to use and saves volunteers hours each week organising everything from managing attendance at training, to collecting match fees.

The company is on a mission to make the organisation of grassroots or community sports as simple as possible so that more people could enjoy them as participants and volunteers.

34% YoY growth

The service is also helping clubs raise new revenues: in addition to collecting match fees, clubs can launch digital fundraisers in the app. Despite COVID-19, Spond has seen steady growth, with a year-on-year increase in active users of 34%. 

Spond currently operates in 14 markets, with Norway holding the largest market share, with the UK coming in second place. 10% of Norway’s total population of 5.5M use Spond regularly.

Trine Falnes, CEO of Spond comments, “In many ways, the pandemic has been a catalyst for digitisation and we’ve received fantastic feedback from users on the app’s ability to ensure continuity in teams and groups during periods without physical activity. In addition, we’ve facilitated safe organising during the periods when the meeting has been allowed. Spond has ensured clear registration, helped manage maximum numbers, and participant lists, which in turn has enabled effective infection detection when needed.” 

Falnes continues, “We’re thrilled to have Verdane on the team. The investment will further accelerate growth in markets across the globe. There is enormous potential now that we can finally plan for the end of the pandemic.”  

Christian Jebsen, a partner in Verdane, comments, “We believe Spond is a great example of a company combining scalable technological services with a clear ambition to solve challenges in society. As more and more countries open, getting people back into activity will be more important than ever before. Spond will play a central role, and this piqued our interest in the company.”