Seedcamp has confirmed the new startup teams that will be joining it for its flagship Seedcamp Week.

The week is all about scale-up, either from launch to early traction or from traction to growth, and the startups involved will meet and present to familiar faces, as well as new ones, whilst developing their knowledge and skills.

The startups will also have the chance to ask questions of experts in everything from marketing and business development to tech and finance enabling them to get the feedback they need to help them in the next stage of their growth.

The newest members of the Seedcamp family include:

  • API Changelog (London, UK & Barcelona, Spain) – Enabling API providers to grow & build connections with developers, by better communicating API changes – @APIChangelog
  • CAPTINI (London, UK) – Revolutionizing the way WiFi Service Providers and Telco’s monetize their customer base – @captiniwifi
  • DeviceHub (Krakow, Poland)- Scalable IoT platform for service creation, automation and integration for industry and manufacturers. – @devicehubnet
  • Findify (Stockholm, Sweden) – The intelligent search solution for e-commerce using data science and machine learning to increase revenue. – @GetFindify
  • Fractal labs (London, UK & Zurich, Switzerland) – A financial marketplace that connects companies to capital. – @Fractal_Labs
  • GetAgent (London, UK) – Data-driven estate agent comparison site – @getagentuk
  • Land Insight (London, UK) – Helps find and assess off-market land with the potential for development – @GetLandInsight
  • Lateral (Berlin, Germany) – Offering the ultimate recommendation API for knowledge work – @uselateral
  • Monese (London, UK) – Allowing you to open up a UK bank account in less than 3 mins on your mobile even without a UK address – @MyMonese
  • Much Better Adventures (London, UK) – Global marketplace for booking bespoke adventures and experiences with local, independent operators – @muchbetterAdven
  • MyRecovery (London, UK) – Mobile app that empowers patients, guiding them “step by step” through their surgical treatment journey – @TomFHWorks
  • Priori Data (Berlin, Germany) – App Store Intelligence. Our competitive insights and market data drive better outcomes for your apps – @prioridata
  • Pronto (London, UK) – London’s favourite food, with Italian standards, delivered in 20 minutes – @feedmepronto
  • Splittable (London, UK) – A financial platform to help the world’s growing population of young renters manage their shared expenses  – @SplittableApp
  • Spoke (London, UK) – Using e-commerce to build a better menswear brand – @spoke_london
  • TalkPush (Hong Kong) – Recruitment automation software for high volume recruiters – @Talkpush
  • Traderion (Bucharest, Romania) – The most advanced training and testing tool for traders – @TraderionAlpha
  • Trussle (London, UK) – The simpler way to get a mortgage – @trussleUK
  • Uipath (Bucharest, Romania) – The leading software provider for the Robotic Process Automation industry – @uipath
  • Wanna (Tel-Aviv, Israel & London, UK) – Parenting marketplace, where parents buy and sell from one another, locally – @wanna_app

Seedcamp Week takes place all this week.

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