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Saul Klein, founding partner at LocalGlobe, on scaling your team

Scaling your team

*This is an extract from UPSCALE, a new book, launching today, on scaling by Tech Nation, the UK network for ambitious tech entrepreneurs. Saul Klein was speaking to Upscale’s author James Silver for Tech Nation.  

There are five key things in any business that a founder is keeping in mind at any one time, no matter the stage, says Saul Klein, co-founder and partner of London Seed-stage VC LocalGlobe:

·       Product.

·       Team.

·       Growth.

·       Underlying unit economics.

·       Capital and cash flow.

“As a leader, certainly as a CEO, you’re permanently juggling all five of those things,” he says. “But as you scale, you need to start to build a team around yourself that can take functional and operational control of those areas, so that you’re gradually putting yourself in a position where someone else increasingly has full ownership of them....