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Bassel El Koussa, CEO of Quiqup, on growing his business and conquering his fears

Quiqup - Bassel El Koussa - CEO

At Tech City News, we’re always keen to shine a light on those who make up the UK’s thriving technology community.

This week, we spoke with Bassel El Koussa, CEO of Quiqup, an on-demand delivery service.

El Koussa talked about the operational challenges he’s faced when trying to grow his business and why he still looks up to his dad. 

Tech vertical: On-demand logistics

Funding: ‘Multi-million’ Series A round announced in September 2015

Staff count: 80+

Location: London

Founded: 2014

Q: Where did the idea for Quiqup come from?

Having things delivered to your house in London is not a very common thing. It is usually either too expensive, slow or unreliable to appeal to most people. My co-founders and I were bothered by the fact that all of our free time would be consumed if we needed to run an errand after work. The rise of on-demand services got us thinking about how we could get stuff done while saving our precious time. This sparked the idea for a consumer app for custom pickups, giving people the ability to get anything picked up, quickly and affordably. The business has now evolved to take a technology-led approach to building on-demand logistics services for both businesses and individuals, balancing speed, cost-efficiency and reliability. That’s the essence of our business and the result is a service that anyone can access and use....