Peyk, London’s Uber of instant P2P deliveries picks up £1.2M to disrupt parcel delivery


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) delivery is gaining traction in the past few years to match supply and demand in the fastest way possible, thanks to the on-demand economy. In this regard, meet Peyk, a London-based startup that offers a peer-to-peer delivery service

Secured £1.2 million

Recently, the company has secured £1.2 million in funding led by a series of business executives including, the Founder of PureGym. Founded by Salman Moghimi in 2018, Peyk aims to revolutionise the courier service industry by normalising the concept of instant delivery. 

In an exclusive interview with UKTN, Ali, in charge of Peyk’s marketing, says, “This investment is primarily to boost brand awareness and engage in new business partnerships within London. Some of our partners so far include Taj International Hotel Groups, Melrose and Morgan, Savills, Byrotation, etc.”

How it all started?

Salman Moghami founded Peyk in 2018 after his first-hand experience of trying to quickly send a personal package across the capital. At the time, his only options were to wait until the next day or to transport it himself, with neither option proving feasible in the circumstances. And thus, Peyk was born.

Salman says, “Peer-to-peer couriers are widely used across Asia and the Middle East when sending things to friends and family. Peyk is now bringing a similar service to the capital, revolutionising the courier service industry and transforming the way Londoners send items to one another.

“Whether a user wants to send an important card to a family member, or finds themselves in a tricky situation without any keys, Peyk is the perfect solution. Via just three clicks on our app, we can provide a personal courier to save the day and within 20 minutes an item will be en route to its destination.”

Peyk Team
Image credits: Peyk

On-demand courier service platform

Called the Uber or Deliveroo of instant P2P deliveries, Peyk allows individuals and households to send or receive anything they wish (as long as it’s legal) via their courier, known as a ‘Peyker’, who is only ever assigned one delivery job at a time. 

During the nine weeks lockdown, Peyk has witnessed its turnover rocket by 60%. As per the company’s claims, Londoners used the platform to transport urgent medications, missing ingredients, important documents, short supply items such as toilet rolls, and much more. 

45% increase in user numbers

Peyk says the user number has increased up to 45%, since the quarantine and business sign-ups to the service have also grown, generating a 60% uplift in corporate users. 

Notably, Peyk has the quickest pick-up time in the capital, with a dedicated Peyker arriving within 20 minutes of an order being placed. 

Right now, there are over 4,200 Peykers currently working in London, 80% of which are on bicycles and the rest on mopeds. All are guaranteed to be paid on the same day as the jobs they complete.

Peyk’s app allows customers to track their orders in real-time, receive live updates and notifications. 

Weird items couriered so far

According to the company, some of the weird and wonderful examples of items that Londoners have sent to each other includes:

  • A returned love letter from an ex.
  • A kitten.
  • Food to homeless shelters.
  • Short supply items such as toilet rolls, flour, and other food-stuffs.

At present, Peyk employs a very diverse team of 18 individuals including many young and talented members.

Moghimi, who is 23 years old, adds: “The increase in demand that we have seen for Peyk during the lockdown, confirms that in today’s 24/7 world, individuals need to be able to send whatever they want, to whoever they want, wherever they want to across the city they live in and whenever they need to. We only see this accelerating post-lock-down, as more and more Londoners successfully try, and love, our revolutionary delivery service.”