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Mobilising loyalty can maximise returns

Matthew Khoury, CEO of LOKE, the tailor-made loyalty, ordering and payment app for the hospitality industry, makes the case for mobile to maximise returns.

Hospitality is under pressure, with rising costs from every direction. Savvy operators are doing all they can to fatten up the bottom line. However, this doesn’t always mean stripping overheads out of the business.

Brands riding out the storm with relative ease are the ones maximising profitability from the tools they have. The conversation is moving from “what can I afford to lose?” to “what can I afford not to lose?”

The trick is for operators to take what they have and elevate it to improve both the customer experience and transparency of the business. The way to do this is for them to make more of their operational processes mobile – which in turn will remove the pressure points across front and back of house, whilst also continuing to give customers what they want....