UK smart buildings software startup Metrikus completes Series A round, plans to expand to India, Japan, and Korea


In the recent past, the demand for smart building products has increased manifolds and is forecast to grow in the upcoming year. Smart building applications come in various sizes and shapes depending on the building and purpose. 

Based out of London, Metrikus is a smart building platform that integrates sensors to create more sustainable, healthy, and productive places to live and work. 

Completed Series A funding

The UK company announced the completion of Series A funding, doubling its total funding to £5 million since its inception in May 2019. Metrikus’ Series A round attracted institutional capital as well as private investment vehicles.

Gary Cottle, CEO of Metrikus said: “Metrikus has been able to double its funding in the past year despite, or perhaps partly because of, the impact that Covid-19 has had on the commercial property sector. In all market conditions, knowledge is power, and our software provides building owners and occupiers with the most powerful platform available for insight and analysis of how their buildings are being used. Every business wants to know that it is getting value for money. It also wants to know that cost optimisation is not having a negative impact on the comfort and utility of its built estate. Metrikus offers secure, real-time tracking of any measurable variable, within buildings across the full scope of real estate asset classes. We always say that if there is a sensor made that can measure it, we can map it – and that level of flexibility is hugely valuable to our clients – allowing them to consolidate multiple systems within a single platform.”

Aiming for bigger expansion

The network of investments channelled via RentaMarkets comes with strategic introductory agreements for new business opportunities across Europe. Metrikus plans to use the new funding to drive team expansion and build business momentum in the United States, Southern Europe, India, Japan, and Korea, in addition to expansion within its existing core geographies.

Emilio Botín O’Shea, President of RentaMarkets, said: “The future of real estate lies in outstanding customer service for occupiers, coupled with sustainability and accountability for investors. Metrikus is the market-leading solution for smart building technology that enables huge steps forward in achieving these goals. Using Metrikus gives companies unprecedented insight and control over their buildings and creates data that validates policies and decisions. The Metrikus solutions will complement RentaMarkets offer to its institutional clients, with structuring and arranging financing solutions to make buildings more energy-efficient. We’re very excited to be part of the company’s growth at this early stage.”

Digital platform connecting entire built environment

The proptech startup provides a smart-buildings software platform that gives owners and occupiers a secure, single-pane-of-glass view of the operation and performance of their building, allowing managers to plug in any type of sensor to monitor everything from footfall and energy use to indoor air quality. Also, the company helps customers gain useful insight into three key areas, critical asset maintenance, space utilisation, and the health of a building’s physical environment. 

Philippe d’Ornano, a lead Metrikus investor and President of Sisley, said: “The digital transformation that many firms have been undertaking across all aspects of their commercial activity are inevitably going to start taking place across the physical space they occupy. All stakeholders – management, owners, clients, and employees – will increasingly demand healthier, safer, and more productive buildings. The Metrikus platform can deliver all of these benefits in a single, highly effective solution across all types of the commercial estate – office, retail, industrial, logistic or any combination thereof”