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What makes a company a tech company?

question what makes a company a tech company

As a technology journalist and someone who receives hundreds of press releases every day, I can vouch for how difficult it is to define what makes a company a tech company.

By definition, a technology company is one that focuses primarily on the development and manufacturing of tech, but the line is becoming increasingly blurred.

Tech is no longer synonymous with just hardware or manufacturing (and rightly so!), but with digital becoming ever-present within the business environment, it’s never been more challenging to cut through the noise and distinguish hardcore tech from technology-enabled firms.

A digital strategy

Take Bloom & Wild, for example. You’d probably be forgiven for discounting a flower delivery service as a tech business in the first instance, but the London-based firm recently closed a £3.75m Series B round led by MMC Ventures, which incidentally solely invests in technology....