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London-based Nothing secures £1M on Crowdcube in 54 secs, unveils transparent TWS earbuds

Nothing Concept 1
Image credits: Nothing

Nothing, a London-based tech venture from ex-OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has shared a glimpse of its upcoming true wireless stereo (TWS) product ‘Concept 1.’ The announcement comes a few days after signing the partnership with the Swedish company Teenage Engineering.

Based out of Stockholm, Teenage Engineering has been developing highly acclaimed products for people who love sound, music, and design for ten years now. 

Concept 1 TWS

As one can see, Concept 1 is in line with the company’s design principle – transparency, weightlessness, effortlessness, and timelessness. The company says Concept 1 takes inspiration from a grandmother’s tobacco pipe. 

In a blog post, Carl said, “We peel off everything superficial, like unnecessary branding on the surface, to focus solely on what adds true value to the user experience.”

However, the transparent TWS has a small stem similar to Apple’s Airpods with Nothing branding. Further, Carl Pei claims that it’s just a concept design, and the final product is much sexier. 

Carl Pei in the company’s official blog also remarked, “We want every product interaction, from picking it up to turning it on, to be intuitive, obvious, and natural. When designing and engineering our products, we believe form must follow function. During product development, we work on countless millimeter and pixel iterations. All those iterations add up to simplify the user experience until everything feels effortless.”

Raised £1M in crowdfunding

Recently, the company announced a crowdfunding campaign which allowed its community to invest a total of $1.5 million (approx £1 million)  at the same valuation that its Series A round investor (namely Google Ventures) has invested at. The news followed that the company secured the total investment in just 54 seconds on Crowdcube. 

Besides GV (formerly Google Ventures), Nothing has also got backing from prominent tech leaders and investors including Tony Fadell, Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin, Steve Huffman, and Josh Buckley. It is said that Kunal Shah, CRED founder also invested in Nothing but the amount remains undisclosed.

The company also acquired ownership of the company behind the Essential Phone series. With this move, the existing trademarks, logo, and the Essential brand are now the intellectual property of the Nothing brand. However, there is no concrete information on what the Nothing brand is planning to launch for the consumers with this acquisition.