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Kindred Capital backs London-based Farmstand

Farmstand 1

Farmstand, a plant-powered food startup based in London, has raised $3m in Series A funding.

The startup, which seeks to make healthier plant-powered diets accessible, raised from Kindred Capital.

“Eating a plant-powered diet increases your chances of living a happy, active life,’ said Farmstand founder Steven Novick. ‘And despite the fact that food has never been easier to find, order or have delivered, most people simply don’t have access to convenient, legitimately healthy food. We’re changing that.”

Novick set up the business in 2016 after surviving cancer and climbing Mount Everest.

“I made three clear goals to myself before I was given the all clear: to become closer to family and friends, to finish climbing the Seven Summits and to build a business that made healthy, sustainable food accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy.”

“Putting together the first Farmstand menu involved extensive research: 80% of the menu is vegan, 5% sustainable fish and 15% ethical meat. Every dish is made by the Farmstand team and is also free from dairy, added sugar and artificial ingredients. And I believe it was vital to returning me to full health after being diagnosed with cancer.”

Farmstand says it sources every ingredient from ethical suppliers in the UK and prepares every meal in a central kitchen hub.

“We have a restaurant, but essentially we’re a food business. Restaurants don’t change lives, but food absolutely does. This ties in with our mission to get plant-powered food on every desk and in every home.

“We’re aspiring to grow our online sales from 30% to 50% of total revenue by investing in our technology and converting more offline customers into online buyers. We will open more physical locations because we know that our message will travel faster and farther when delivered in person. Human connection will never be a commodity.”

Kindred Capital general partner Russell Buckley, who will join the company’s board as a result of the investment, said: “We’re delighted to be investing in a business whose values are so closely aligned with our own.

“Steven is a man on a mission. We think Farmstand is uniquely placed to solve a real-world problem by partnering with businesses and using physical locations and technology to get millions more people eating a plant-based diet.”

Farmstand has over 20 locations in London.