Singapore-based Insider, a SaaS company that takes a unique approach to Multichannel Experience Orchestration, announced today its $32 million Series C funding round, bringing total funding to date to $47 million.

The round was led by Riverwood Capital and was joined by Sequoia India, Wamda Capital, and Endeavor Catalyst. The additional capital will be used to further enhance the award-winning platform’s capabilities, add top-tier engineers to Insider’s exceptional R&D team, and invest in the company’s global sales and marketing efforts.

Insider’s AI-powered platform enables enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behavior with an AI-powered intent engine, and orchestrate and deliver individualised experiences to customers.

Their platform is unique in how it offers the widest set of product features in the market while coordinating all offline and online data across the unified platform and its various engagement channels. The AI intent engine consists of 15+ algorithms that enable marketers to make precise predictions such as which customer segments are likely to convert, buy, and churn — and then design the most optimised experiences accordingly.

Insider is trusted by more than 800 global enterprise brands, including industry powerhouses such as UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Marks & Spencer, Estée Lauder, Virgin, Newsweek, Avon, MediaMarkt, BBVA, IKEA and CNN.

Insider CEO and co-founder Hande Cilingir explains, “We’ve only raised capital when we felt that we were ready to raise the bar to a whole new level. A self-imposed scarcity always made us more creative, more resourceful and more aggressive in reaching our goals.

“So far, we’ve focused on leading in high-potential markets in the Eastern part of the world. We’ve partnered with industry powerhouses like Samsung, Uniqlo, and Singapore Airlines in APAC as well as Qantas in Australia, and Marks & Spencer, Estee Lauder, and Carrefour in Europe. We plan to grow substantially in our existing 24 countries and we are now ready to enter the US market and believe that our fresh solutions to marketers’ biggest pain points will be a major differentiator.”

Francisco Alvarez-Demalde, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Riverwood Capital added, “Great companies become amazing companies during times of crisis, and Insider is definitely one of them.

“In the marketing software space, everyone claims that they are “multichannel” or “all-in-one,” yet most of those platforms are not fully comprehensive and solution-oriented. Insider, leveraging its unique culture and its focus on customer intimacy, brings a fresh approach in building a truly multichannel next-generation platform.”

Joe De Pinho, Vice President at Riverwood Capital added, “we saw something that is extraordinary in Insider’s core technology and the engineering powerhouse that develops it. Insider’s industry-leading intelligence team has created AI-backed predictive segmentation, which can derive inferred customer profiles, for any industry, in less than 2 weeks.”

Pieter Kemps, Principal, Sequoia Capital (India) Singapore added, “We liked the Insider team from the first days, but have been positively surprised by their highly efficient go-to-market engine.

“The quality of customer interactions, combined with exceptional product and technology, has enabled Insider to stand out among the many point-solutions out there — and build up a very impressive list of customer logos.”