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What tech firms can learn from the Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Snapchat debacle

With social media giving everyone a platform to share their opinion in seconds, market influence has never been more crucial to a brand’s success.

In February, a single tweet from reality star, beauty entrepreneur and social media personality Kylie Jenner resulted in Snapchat’s stock market value plummeting by a cool $1.3bn (£1bn). The star tweeted “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore?…”, followed by a hasty declaration of her remaining love for the app, once she’d realised what happened in the aftermath of her initial tweet.

Despite the headlines, recent data from marketing intelligence SimilarWeb shows that Snap’s share price was already falling way before the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan tweeted – and actually dropped by 3.7% after Citigroup downgraded its stock and gave it a ‘sell’ rating. The reason? Concerns that anger and negativity about a recent app update and re-design would see users abandon it....