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Three reasons the UK is leading Europe in EdTech


Benoit Wirz, investment partner at Brighteye Ventures, highlights why the UK can lead the way in EdTech.

As digital access has grown across Europe over the last decade, technology has become more widely embedded in education at school, work and home.

Entrepreneurs have seized this opportunity to build an incredible array of learning tools, and the UK is leading the way, securing 40% of all European investment in EdTech since 2014. Standouts among British startups range from hardware companies like Kano, which builds computer and coding kits for kids to Memrise, a consumer language learning app for adults to Touch Surgery a simulation-based learning tool for surgeons.

Despite the €1.6bn that has been invested in European EdTech startups since 2014, it is still very early days in terms of applying technology to enhance the €5.5tn global education industry. Europe today presents a huge growth opportunity for EdTech companies, and the UK is one of the leading markets in this change. ...