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Empowerment through e-commerce: the value of online marketplaces

Rohit Patni, CEO and co-founder of Lavanya Plus, the company behind WeMa Life, explains how e-commerce is transforming healthcare 

When people hear the term e-commerce, their minds often jump to likes of eBay and Amazon: the behemoths of selling products via the Internet. But of course this word, now part of our common lexicon, extends far beyond blue chip online retailers to encompass all manner of different industries.

Importantly, as well as enabling consumers to shop for products with greater ease and convenience, the unrelenting rise of online marketplaces is also playing a significant role in transforming sectors that have long been blighted by slow, opaque and cumbersome offline processes.

The care sector offers a perfect example of this. And one cannot underestimate the value of technological disruption – and in particular the adoption of e-commerce models – in helping the care industry progress, to the benefit of both patients and service providers....