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Can the UK compete with the Baltics when it comes to crypto?

Sibcoin Foundation’s head, Alexander Novozhenov, analyses the state of cryptocurrency in the Baltics and explains why he thinks they are leading the way in building digital economies.

2017 could rightly be called the ‘Year of Cryptocurrency’. Blockchain startups collected an incredible amount of money in record time, and investors of successful ICOs earned thousands of per cent after listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Despite an ongoing market correction, excitement around crypto startups has persisted. Investors continue to look for the next ‘Crypto Holy Grail’, and startups are consistently generating ideas and launching new projects in the digital economy.

A few key countries have started developing more accommodating legal frameworks for cryptocurrencies, whereas others remain rigid. Due to low operating costs, the Baltic countries stand out from other European countries as the location of choice for startup founders. ...