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How to stand out in a world of video-based events: 4 problems and 4 solutions


The UK is back in lockdown which means one thing: video-calls are here to stay! But in having replaced all communication that was once physical, the sheer volume of and time spent on video calls is causing a major problem. So how can companies use video to differentiate their offering and make sure their communications stand out? Mike Pritchett and Nick de la Force, CEO and Creative Director of Shootsta – the world’s first subscription-based video production platform – outline four key problems and their solutions when it comes to the ubiquitous video call, as well as provide some great examples of videos in action.

Problem 1: Saturation

The use of video has exponentially increased over lockdown – whether that is general videos, video calls or webinars. Shootsta saw a 33% increase in the amount of videos being produced by enterprise companies from March to December 2020 versus the same period in 2019 – despite companies being unable to access camera equipment. Webinar Platform TwentyThree also reported that 89% of organisations ran more webinars in 2020 than the year before. Making your key messages stand out, then, is a major challenge for some businesses.

The solution? Every message doesn’t have to be delivered via a two hour video call. On demand videos for example, are those that your audience can consume in a shorter, more digestible format, allowing you to fit into a schedule of a busy team that is most probably working across different time zones. These types of videos won’t be as long as a live call, and will be more effective. They are more digestible than a lengthy email and provide more clarity. They are more human, personable and engaging – and best of all, won’t encounter any wifi issues....