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HIVED, a London-based company building zero-emissions parcel delivery network secures £1.74M funding

Image credits: HIVED

Online sales are rapidly growing, increasing the demand for more delivery vehicles that contribute to air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and congestion. 

In the UK, currently, 96% of vans are powered by diesel fuel, which has been linked to as many as 40,000 air pollution-related deaths every year.

Right now, there is an urgency to find innovative solutions that can drive down air pollution. Research estimates that European cities could shift 51% of all motorised freight trips away from vans and over to cargo bicycles, for a 90% decrease in carbon emissions-reducing up to two million kg of CO2 per year in London alone. 

Hived, a London-based startup believes there is a better way.

The UK company has redeveloped the process of getting a parcel from the warehouse to the front door from the ground up, drawing on powerful data analysis and cutting-edge software.

Secured £1.74 million

Recently, the company has completed a £1.74 million funding in a Seed round. 

The financing was led by Pale Blue Dot and joined by Eka Ventures, Blue Impact Ventures (Lawrence Leuschner, CEO/Co-Founder of TIER), The Fund, and several angel investors, including senior leadership at TIER and one of the co-founders of Budbee.

The company plans to use this capital to grow the team and expand into new geographies. 

According to Hampus Jakobsson, General Partner at Pale Blue Dot says, “Transportation is a sector that gets a lot of focus in the climate space, but there hasn’t been a significant pull to shift the market over to emissions-free solutions. HIVED is tackling this problem with a new approach that promises to take all stakeholders into account: the customer, the delivery person, as well as the city’s inhabitants.”

Zero-emissions parcel delivery network

HIVED has built its first mass-market zero-emission parcel delivery network for greener, cheaper, and better deliveries. 

With its new delivery operating system and process innovation, HIVED is helping companies to massively reduce their carbon footprint without needing to compromise on affordability or convenience.