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Tech London Advocates founder Russ Shaw urges tech sector to remain apolitical

Tech London Advocates founder Russ Shaw has urged the tech sector to remain apolitical after an open letter was sent to the Guardian in which more than 90 entrepreneurs backed the Conservatives.

Shaw said: “The digital community has shown what can be achieved when the private sector works together to drive growth and innovation.

“For London to maintain its position as a global centre for digital excellence the private sector must remain apolitical, working with any government to facilitate continued growth.”

Shaw was among many notable exceptions to the letter campaign, which has been driven by founder Brent Hoberman, and others including his Lastminute founding partner Martha Lane Fox.

Hoberman, who now runs, chairs the Founders Forum and is non-executive director at Shazam, one of the high-profile startups whose boss Andrew Fisher signed the letter.

It has gained additional support from the likes of Christian Hernandez, former director for EMEA at Facebook and now managing partner at VC firm White Star Capital.

“I stand by this letter as well,” he tweeted.

“@Conservatives have helped make tech startups a driver of growth in the UK.”