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Veristyle founder: Hire a social media strategist to outsmart the algorithms

Veristyle founder

Ria Chakrabarti is the founder and CEO of Veristyle, a consumer app that uses AI to help young women discover the clothes that match their body type.

Users upload pictures to the app, which are then analysed with computer vision tools to provide automated styling tips on the best fabrics, cuts, patterns, and colours for the individual’s features. Founded in 2022, the startup says it has attracted more than 40,000 global users in six months.

Veristyle said it plans to pilot a B2B service soon to embed its technology on any retail platform.

In this week’s Founder in Five Q&A, Chakrabarti explains why the social media team was the most important early hire, shares her productivity tips and reveals what she’d be doing if she wasn’t an entrepreneur....