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Spotta founder: Don’t leave it too late to sell your startup’s product

Spotta founder Robert Fryers

Robert Fryers is the CEO and founder of Spotta, a startup that has developed sensors to detect pests for the agriculture and hospitality sectors.

Founded in 2018, Spotta’s sensors use machine learning to continuously monitor for infestations. Spotta says its AI sensors can detect when, where and what type of insects are active to make early interventions.

One application is identifying red palm weevils. Spotta’s internet-activated dry traps attract the pets and send a wireless notification to farm managers’ phones or laptops. The Cambridge-based company says this limits the use of pesticides.

The startup’s technology has also been used to monitor for bed bugs, which became a concern for Londoners last year after an outbreak in Paris.

In December last year, Spotta secured £3m in funding from The Yield Lab, STIHL Ventures and ACF Investors....