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Founder in Five: Q&A with Healx CEO Tim Guilliams

Healx founder
Image credit: Healx / UKTN

Dr Tim Guilliams is the co-founder and CEO of Healx, a company using artificial intelligence (AI) to rewrite the economics of drug discovery for the world’s rarest diseases.

The Cambridge, UK-based company uses algorithms to find links between diseases that already have treatments and those that do not. Healx can speed up the drug discovery purpose because those treatments already have approval from regulators, allowing the company to skip many of the earlier development stages.

Founded by Guilliams and viagra co-inventor Dr David Brown in 2014, Healx has raised $67.9m (£51.9m) in funding. Its most recent capital boost came in a $56m Series B round in 2019.

In the latest Founder in Five Q&A, Guilliams explains why you should pick investors that are “willing to roll up their sleeves”, shares some of the “noisy” problems with scaling and reveals the sector he believes is on the cusp of “tangible innovation”....