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Everything you need to know about Grapeshot, the UK startup acquired by Oracle

AdTech startup Grapeshot made headlines earlier this week after it was acquired by cloud-platform Oracle.

The terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, but according to Techcrunch, Grapeshot’s last known post-money valuation, in May 2017, was estimated at around $56m (£40.2m).

The firm has been praised by Oracle for its intelligence platform, saying the acquisition will dramatically expand the company’s ability to improve marketing outcomes for their partners worldwide.

According to the startup, Grapeshot’s Contextual Intelligence Platform allows marketers to avoid unsafe content and extend global audience reach by targeting the most relevant context.

But, how did a data analytics startup out of Cambridge get sucked into Oracle’s data cloud?

Here’s everything we know about Grapeshot so far.

Mathematical beginnings

Grapeshot was founded by John Snyder and Dr Martin Porter in 2006. Both attended the University of Cambridge; Porter as a Mathematics graduate followed by a PhD in Computing Linguistics, and Snyder as a Fellow in Entrepreneurship. ...