Elon Musk warns AI could become an ‘immortal dictator’

Tesla co-founder and billionaire Elon Musk has issued a stark warning that AI could become “an immortal dictator from which we would never escape”.

The SpaceX founder ‘s dystopian outlook was captured in Chris Paine’s new documentary Do You Trust This Computer?.

In it, Musk paints a bleak picture of the future; one in which an AI is built by authoritarian governments – and will outlast all human leaders or parties, maintaining an oppressive regime indefinitely.

Paine met Musk in 2006 while filming ‘Who Killed The Electric Car?’Musk even paid for the film to be free for YouTube to show his support.

“It’s a very important subject,” he told a crowd Thursday night at the film’s premiere in Los Angeles. “It’s going to affect our lives in ways we can’t even imagine right now.”

The entrepreneur has made his view on AI painfully clear. In 2017, he warned that AI could start World War III, and called artificial intelligence “the greatest risk we face as a civilization” and suggested the government regulate it.

Whist Bill Gates has said he is also “concerned” about AI, not everyone shares Musk’s doomsday predictions. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been very outspoken in his distaste for the inflammatory views, calling them “really negative” and “pretty irresponsible”.

Musk shared a link to the documentary on Twitter, saying “Nothing will affect the future of humanity more than digital super-intelligence.”.