Skip to content closes $150m fund to invest in early stage tech startups

Bernardo has announced the closure of a new $150m early stage fund to invest in tech startups across Europe.

The fund, which as already invested in the likes of Azimo, Farfetch and Tandem, will be focused on seed and Series A funding rounds.

Christian Leybold, co-founder and general partner at, commented: “This fund will allow us to utilise our methods to support a greater number of the next generation of high-growth firms across Europe. Our willingness to explore every corner of the continent and provide operational support to the businesses we invest in increases the potential of our funds.

“Our success to-date validates our approach and we see this fund driving the success of the category creators of tomorrow. By expanding our partner team with Bernardo’s experience and success, we are well positioned to cement our position at the forefront of European venture capital and deliver our vision of the future,” he added.

As part of the announcement, said Bernardo Hernandez, the former head of Flickr at Yahoo and ex-Google employee, would be joining as a general partner.

Speaking about his new role, Hernandez, said: “Joining appealed greatly to me as our investment philosophies are the same. Its’ use of technology to identify investment opportunities and the always available operational support to entrepreneurs are features I believe will come to define venture capital in the future.

“Joining at the same time as closing this fund is something truly exciting and my priority is to uphold the high standards of quality and effort set by the team,” he added.