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London and Paris are getting Dott’s new e-bikes in March 2021

Image credits: Dott

Dott, an Amsterdam-based e-scooter brand known for providing comprehensive insurance coverage for its users unveiled its first e-bike in select cities across Europe recently. The Dutch mobility firm has also informed that they’re gearing up to launch its new contemporary e-bikes in Paris and London by March 2021.

Massive expansion plans!

Founded in 2018 by Maxim Romain and Henri Moissinac, Dott doesn’t operate in London so far. But now, the city will be the 16th one in Europe to get this electric bike service from them. Already, Dottt operates in Belgium, France, Poland, Germany, and Italy.

Maxim Romain, COO and Co-Founder of Dott said, “Our multimodal (e-bike and e-scooter) service will include the same level of operational excellence: removable batteries, secure charging, operations performed by experienced professionals, systematic repairs and recycling. We want to provide a great e-bike service that is reliable for the city, comfortable for the rider and sustainable for the planet”.

Made in Europe

Touted to be the most advanced e-bike, the Dott electric bike has been designed by the company and will be assembled in Portugal. With the launch of this service, Dott will complete against similar e-bike operators including Lime and Bolt that operate in some cities. Also, it will be a rival to the docked bike rental schemes – Vélib’ in Paris and Santander Cycles in London.

Dott e-bike features!

Dott e-bikes come in three colours and are claimed to be comfortable to ride, durable and loaded with the latest technology such as parking assistance, anti-vandalism, and anti-theft. Also, there will be advanced GPS navigation software for proper parking and lowest carbon footprint claims the company. The unique features as detailed by Dott include a unique frame from of a single piece, custom-developed 26” foam tyre inserts for improved durability and cushion.

There is a shaft drive within the frame that eradicates the issue of greasy chains and minimises maintenance. Also, there is a swappable battery system, which is identical to that of e-scooters from the company and more. The other notable aspect is the all-in-one lock, brake and motor. These are completely integrated into the rear wheel of the e-bike. There is an LCD display that lets riders stay up to date with power, speed, battery, unlocking and more. Also, there is NFC, an integrated and automatic front and rear LED light with built-in reflectors.