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Data virtualisation: the key to better machine learning?

Alberto Pan, chief Technical Officer at Denodo, looks at how data virtualisation is enabling organisations to make the most of their data.

There’s no getting away from it: in today’s digital economy, data has become the lifeblood of every organisation, regardless of size or sector. Nowadays, almost every action, reaction and interaction will produce a multitude of data. Data which, if harnessed correctly, can improve business processes and increase employee productivity.

What to do with all that data?

In short, the reams of data being produced each day within an organisation can be extremely valuable. As a result, data lakes have become a principal data management architecture for data scientists.

By storing all raw data – whether structured or unstructured – in one physical repository, data lakes make discovery somewhat easier for organisations. They save businesses time and money whilst providing massive computing power so that useful data can be efficiently transformed and combined to meet the needs of any process....