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Cybersecurity firm Secarma acquires Manchester-based Pentest Ltd


Cybersecurity firm Secarma has acquired Manchester-based application security company Pentest Limited for an undisclosed sum.

As a result of the deal, Secarma is expected to add new resources to Pentest Limited, including a team of ethical hackers.

Managing director for Pentest Limited, John Denneny, said: “In order for us to continue our current rapid growth curve, we believe the time was right to look for a partner whose approach to business and its employees very much mirrors ours. The deal gives us the opportunity to invest in our people and its future growth to a degree that we could not match standalone.

“We have found the perfect partner in Secarma, an ambitious business with an existing management that demonstrates an understanding of our industry and its potential,” he added.

As a result of the deal, Pentest is due to relocate to the UKFast Campus, where a cybersecurity research lab is currenty being constructed.

Secarma, a statement said, will remain headquartered in the UK but the merger will now allow the firm to expand in the USA, where Pentest claims to have existing Silicon Valley-based clients.

CEO Lawrence Jones said the deal was “a great merger of similar cultures”. He added: “Our investment in Pentest is an investment in knowledge and talent. It’s a demonstration of our intentions for both our clients at UKFast and the eCommerce and online community that we see security as an area of massive importance. Security is a fundamental part of our future.”